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Project Looking Glass: Abolishment of the Chinese Communist Party in the Near Future

• arclein

In the near future, approximately [date redacted]. Rumors circulate throughout China that a secret group of powerful individuals, potentially high-ranking government officials and business leaders, have been conspiring to abolish the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This secret group was led by a global clandestine movement known as the [redacted]. According to the rumors, this group is unhappy with the current state of affairs in China and has been actively working behind the scenes to force President Xi Jinping to abolish the CCP. It is believed that they view the Party as corrupt and responsible for hindering economic growth and suppressing political dissent. The group's efforts reportedly intensified after the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the flaws and shortcomings of the CCP's rule. They are believed to have a strong influence on major decision-making processes and have been using their power to pressure Xi Jinping to take action.