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Democrats Warn Parents To Quickly Transition Their Kids Before They Grow Out Of It


The new study, which revealed a large percentage of young people with gender dysphoria eventually come to accept their actual gender, has created a new sense of urgency within the Biden administration to make sure parents take action now so that as many children can be transitioned as possible before it's too late.

"Chop 'em up now, folks," Biden said in a statement to American parents. "Let me be clear. There is no time to waste. If you don't transition your kids now, you run the risk of having them grow out of their gender dysphoria and maturing into healthy, mentally stable adults who aren't confused about their gender. Don't wait. Get them to one of those weird doctors. Swap out their privates. Get it done. End of speech. Walk away."

Democrat leaders disclosed that the party will continue to pressure parents across the country to transition their kids as early as possible so the country can hit its yearly quota for mutilated children. "It's important to keep hitting our numbers," Senator Chuck Schumer said. "If we want to stay on track to wipe out an entire generation of Americans, we need parents to stay on top of having their kids irreversibly butchered."

At publishing time, the Biden administration was preparing to launch a special Trans Child Task Force that would go door-to-door across the country transitioning kids at their homes.

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