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Vibe Shift: Build The America You Want

•, By Neenah Payne

Now, there is a new grassroots vision for re-building America. Vibe Shift is a 2/24/24 Substack article by  Santiago Pliego, Director, Venture Fund Lead, 2x Founder / Early Stage Startups of New Founding which defines itself as:

A venture firm for American vitality We build and back companies defined by American ideals and a positive national vision. We explicitly oppose DEI/ESG and the bureaucratization of American business culture. We promote a culture of entrepreneurship and excellence, betting on great companies, products, and customers disfavored by corrosive ideologies.

"Vibe Shift" says:

It's hard to say exactly how long it's taken for the eponymous vibe to shift, but everyone knows it's happening. For at least the last six months, not a day has gone by when I haven't seen something, heard a statement, read a post, or had a conversation with someone that doesn't leave me completely shocked—in a good way.

"This would not have happened a year ago. Vibe shift."

The Vibe Shift I'm talking about is the speaking of previously unspeakable truths, the noticing of previously suppressed facts. I'm talking about the give you feel when the walls of Propaganda and Bureaucracy start to move as you push; the very visible dust kicked up in the air as Experts and Fact Checkers scramble to hold on to decaying institutions; the cautious but electric rush of energy when dictatorial edifices designed to stifle innovation, enterprise, and thought are exposed or toppled.

Fundamentally, the Vibe Shift is a return to—a championing of—Reality, a rejection of the bureaucratic, the cowardly, the guilt-driven; a return to greatness, courage, and joyous ambition.

It is hard to overstate how much Elon's purchase of Twitter has accelerated (and perhaps directly caused) the Vibe Shift. The old ways of cutting and slicing the world have broken down, and now the most unexpected groups have found themselves as co-belligerents in an existential war to preserve our ability to speak, compute, build, worship, transact, and live in peace.