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Joe Biden Could Be Indicted After He Leaves Office

• PJ Media

It was the dawn of a new era last year when Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Donald Trump despite a lack of an actual crime. Yet more indictments came from other Soros-backed district attorneys and even the Biden administration - all with the apparent goal of trying to stop Trump from becoming president again. 

Observers have described the efforts against Trump as lawfare and proof of a two-tiered justice system. For example, the Biden administration indicted Trump for mishandling classified documents but chose not to charge Joe Biden with the same crime.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are in the process of an impeachment inquiry against Biden. They've uncovered a trove of evidence against him, but their already slim majority has gotten even slimmer, and it's debatable whether they'll be able to impeach him, thanks to too many weak Republicans who may not support it.