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Ed Ciaccio: A Quiet Coup: Cheney/Bush Steps to Martial Law


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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So What?? You,Americans, are not willing to do anything except TALK.
You will be talking when your nation dies,and,wondering....What the hell happened?

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So what!!!! America will still be talking when America dies.
All Americans can do is talk.Your so called leaders pay you no mind,that do anything they want because they know that nothing will be done to stop can`t even stop the **Q**MSM**QQ**,how in the hell do plan on stopping the likes of **QQ**Bush**QQ**,Are you going to talk him into submission?
Anyway,the world is getting very tired of hearing how wonderful you people are,when in reality,your a weak people...but you sure can TALK.

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