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Kary Mullis on climate fraud

• Linkedin - Sanja Miskovic

Scientists are largely people motivated by fame and money, and fewer, if any, enter the study of science as curious idealists. Governments and politicians have recognized scientists and their field of work as something that, in this culture of death and war, can give them an advantage over other countries. That is how those researches that are in the service of the state regime and the official narrative are encouraged and financed. We have seen this very clearly in the last three years. Science lost its clean face and became a prostitute in the service of the regime and pharmacy.

Mullis refers here to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and explains that their goal is actually to continuously "prove" that the planet is getting warmer, even though this is contrary to reality. As Mullis says – people like sounding names, but they don't really like real evidence.
He cites two independent scientific papers published in the journal Science, from the conclusion of which it can be concluded that the theory of global warming is completely wrong.

Real scientists know this, but their voice is not heard, they are censored, they are declared conspiracy theorists - the same everything they did and are still doing with those who raised their voices against corona fraud and dangerous mRNA substances.

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