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OJ's Real Killer?

•, By eric

So slow, in fact, that it is usually old age that kills the man who dies with (rather than of) prostate cancer.

There's an interesting correlation there in that most of the people who died during the event marketed as "the pandemic" died with – but not of COVID. They were very old. They were already chronically sick. COVID was the straw that broke the already rickety camel's back.

Now there may be another interesting correlation.

OJ got "vaccinated" – the word always placed in air fingers quotes by this writer, who objects to the use of dangerously misleading terminology. Before the event marketed as "the pandemic," to receive a vaccine was commonly understood to mean you were immunized; i.e., that you could neither catch nor spread the illness you'd been vaccinated against. The sick SOBs behind the pushing of mRNA drugs knew it was necessary to let their victims believe they were being vaccinated, because if they knew the truth – which is that they weren't being immunized – many (probably most) would have never agreed to allow themselves to be injected with mRNA drugs.

This speaks to the evil character of the people who sold people the lie that they were being "vaccinated."

OJ apparently bought the lie – and allowed himself to be injected the mRNA drugs that induce heart problems and which may also accelerate cancer. You may have read about this. The term used is turbo cancer. Apparently, the population cohort who weren't vaccinated – but did get injected with the mRNA drugs they were told were "vaccines" – are apparently coming down with cancer at higher-than-usual rates and the cancers they're coming down with are unusually aggressive.