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Israeli intelligence 'jammed GPS signals to confuse attackers' - as the IDF claims to have..


Israel reportedly 'jammed GPS signals' in Tel Aviv in the days before Iran's 300-strong missile strike in a bid to confuse its attackers, as the IDF claimed to have intercepted '99 per cent' of Tehran's projectiles.

It is believed that Iran's drones and ballistic missiles were fitted with a Russian GLONASS system - a satellite navigation system - to break through the alleged jamming, according to the Mirror.

While Israeli locals are no strangers to having their navigation tools jammed during security alerts, some reportedly claimed that while they were using Waze and Google Maps yesterday, their GPS switched to show them to be in Cairo or Beirut.

The confusion was a deliberate attempt to throw their enemies' strikes off target, but the move meant an increased risk of them hitting other domestic areas.

It comes as Israel vowed to retaliate after the barrage of airstrikes amid rising fears of a more widespread conflict.

'We are aware that these disruptions cause inconveniences, but it is a vital and necessary tool in our defensive capabilities,' Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a televised briefing on Thursday night.