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One Bank [Finally] Says Quiet Part Out Loud On Gold Manipulation


Authored by GoldFix ZH Edit

In this week's Greed & Fear report Chris Wood devotes a significant portion of his analysis to all things Gold before moving on to his regular work.

Jefferies is a respected global capital-market firm, and while Chris Wood is knowledgeable and writes on many markets, (with Asia as a specialty), most of his published macro work focuses on data and equity drivers. We've read him for years when we got his stuff. He is an elder statesman of macro2 and also one we wished had picked up on manipulation of precious metals markets earlier as readers.  He's no newbie or Youtube rabble-rouser

Here, Wood stops just short of directly accusing the Government of manipulating Gold prices calling it "the biggest risk" of this rally now.

It was also Chris who recently vindicated us confirming he heard China bought Oil and paid Russia with Gold last year. Anyway.. he does the work, knows his history and pleasant to read.
What's more, for an experienced macro analyst such as Chris to say these things out loud when he and his brethren may have suspected them for years begs the question: "Why now? But that is for another time.

Anyway, know we were all correct about government's habit of intervening in the gold and silver markets for years. Also know that the gaslighting of investors by banks is slowly ending because it is no longer profitable for them to do so on the government's behalf.