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From Disconnected To Reconnected – Ways To Take Back Your Freedom!

•, By Paul A. Philips

Essentially, disconnecting you from thinking for, acting and being yourself, as you remain disempowered, enfeebled, in a state of dependency and dysfunctional…

Here are just some examples of what this means…

Disconnected from your political sovereignty – T.H.E.Y want you to blindly, unquestioningly allow decision making, political responsibility, to an illusory government.

Taking the UK government as an example while the same applies to other Western world governments and their respective countries: How can you say that the UK has a real democratic government when it is subordinate to the unelected WEF, WHO and the UN who make the major decisions for them?

Decisions that don't have its citizens best interests at heart. If you are a UK citizen, you're not allowed to have your say in this. Then haven't you been disconnected from your political sovereignty…??

Disconnected from your health freedom – T.H.E.Y want to keep you in ignorance, take away your decision making on your health and designate it to doctors. These doctors may be self-conceited arrogant ignoramuses, having no idea how they are tied into the agendas of a crooked medical/pharmaceutical establishment, who's treatment, profit model, cares more about profits than people.

Disconnected from food independence – In recent times we have seen unprecedented accelerated action taken on farmers to prevent their food independence. The extreme UN Agenda 2030 green policy with its anti-life and ludicrous 'net-zero' policy is used to unjustifiably demonize both carbon (also nitrogen, another life-giving gas) and farmers.

Done under the guise of 'saving the world' from climate change it is in actuality a land grab. It's an attempt to destroy the farmer's food production and oust them off their land where big corporations then can step in and take over.