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Dear Mike Johnson and Congress - We The People…

• - Helena Glass

Dear Mike Johnson and Congress:

When you create a BUDGET, the point of the budget is to spend within the lines – like coloring.  There are no extra lines in coloring, the single line is finite.  The entire purpose of a Budget is to spend according to that budget.  What is the legality of a 'supplemental budget'?   You can 'create' a budget, you just don't have any intention of 'holding' to that budget.  And instead of withdrawing this 'extra' money from a savings account – you borrow it from Taxpayers to the tune of $36 trillion and counting.

Your First justification for the latest supplemental appropriation is that this 'supplemental money' is actually going to create jobs.  Where?  For Whom?  We are in a recession, inflation is at an annual pace of 30% to 50%, and Americans are being laid off!  Provide us with your obtuse supporting evidence of this justification because in the real world it is infantile and reveals you don't have the most basic understanding of finances.  The money will be siphoned to a variety of NGO's, including USAID, wherein the NGO's take their cut to support their existence wherein executives are earning upwards of a million in compensation.  That is NOT job creation – it is a long line of trailer park handouts to support the wealthy while draining everyone else.