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The Car Fueled Entirely by the Sun Takes Huge Step Towards Production

•, By Andy Corbley

This three-wheeler is advertised as containing 34 square feet of solar paneling that actually powers the car as it drives or while it's parked, but so many aspects are completely new in a commercial automobile designed for mass production that extra precautions and preparations are needed before it can hit the road.

"We had so much fun last week celebrating a company milestone—the arrival of Aptera's first production body in San Diego," the company wrote in a post on X. "Now Team Aptera is back to work finalizing the cable routing, connectors, and placement of components in preparation for our first [production-intent] builds."

According to Elektrek, the company has ordered all the parts for its production-intent battery packs, and other non-structural components are currently being "validated" in Italy by the company's supply partner.

The suspension, safety equipment, and drivetrain are yet to be finalized for production models. Still, the company has gone further than many before them, because the design they are currently finalizing is not meant to be an eye-raiser or science project, like some GNN has reported on.


When the PI-2 Aptera solar trike is finally ready, it will be because the company is producing 10,000 a year.

Despite looking as dramatic as any Pagani or Lamborghini, the Aptera's tapered backside, aerodynamic body, and arched, dolphin-like undercarriage are all designed to reduce drag.