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Peeling Back America's Coup - What Will It Take?

• - Helena Glass

A fire broke out at a munitions plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Minimal damage.  No deaths.   The plant is owned by the Federal Government via Taxpayer money – and General Dynamics uses the facility to make munitions for – Ukraine.  Silly me – I thought our Federal Government needed money to make munitions for America – according to Justifiable – Mike Johnson.   General Dynamics share price was $9 thirty years ago – $78 ten years ago and $285+ today; an increase of 3,167%.  They claim their backlog orders as of 12/23 is the highest ever at $93.6 billion ($21 billion unfunded) on annual income averaging in the $46-$50 billion range. They report an inventory value of $8.6 billion.

So where are all these munitions?  The US claims its stockpile inventory is depleted…  so where did the annual $50 billion go?  Since American Taxpayers are funding them – why don't we get the entirety of their Net Profits?   Have all these munitions been sent to Ukraine?   Shouldn't we be kept apprised given we are defacto shareholders.

This is what Mike Johnson is pushing for – more money from taxpayers to give to the Military Industrial Complex to produce weapons for Ukraine and Israel.  For Free.  And this is just ONE entity.