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Children's gender clinic whistleblower tells Dr Phil patients were begging...


Bosses at one of America's most controversial gender clinics warned staff to stay quiet when distraught teenage girls returned begging to have their amputated breasts re-attached, its former case manager has claimed.

The Washington University Transgender Center in Missouri would prescribe irreversible gender changing drugs to children as young as 12 after seeing them just twice, according to the whistleblower who worked there for four years.

Jamie Reed, who is gay and married to a transgender person herself, told Dr Phil Primetime that classmates would arrive together demanding to transition as the fad swept through their schools.

'I saw a young person who was begging to have their breasts put back on after having surgery,' she told the program.

'We were encouraged not to make a big deal out of it and definitely not to tell other families. I couldn't continue to be silent on it.'

Reed worked at the clinic in St Louis Children's Hospital between 2018 and 2022 and helped force a change in Missouri law when she blew the whistle on its 'morally and medically appalling' programs last year.

'There were very few written protocols or guidelines,' she revealed today.

'One of the providers even said 'we were flying the plane as we built it.