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What Are The Biggest Perceived Dangers Of AI?

•, By Tyler Durden

Among this new wave of malicious content, deepfakes are especially noteworthy.

These artificially generated audiovisual content pieces include voter scams via impersonating politicians or the creation of nonconsensual pornographic imagery of celebrities.

However, as Statista's Florian Zandt reports, a recent survey by Microsoft shows, fakes, scams and abuse are what online users worldwide are most worried about.

71 percent of respondents across 17 countries surveyed by Microsoft in July and August 2023 were very or somewhat worried about AI-assisted scams.

Without further clarifying what constitutes this kind of scam, it is most likely connected to the impersonation of a person in the public eye, a government official or a close acquaintance of the respondents.

AI hallucinations, which are defined as chatbots like ChatGPT presenting nonsensical answers as facts due to issues with the training material, come in fourth, while data privacy concerns, which are related to large language models being trained on publicly available data of users without their explicit consent, takes fifth place with 62 percent. Overall, 87 percent of respondents were worried at least somewhat about one problematic AI scenario.