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Russia tests new nuclear-capable ballistic missile that can "avoid NATO detection"...

•, Cassie B.

Russia tested a missile last week that some claim could be a new variety of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with nuclear capabilities that can evade detection by NATO.

The test, which was carried out last Friday, saw the successful launch of the missile in southern Russia at the Kapustin Yar complex. A statement indicated the test confirmed the "high reliability of Russian missiles to ensure strategic security" and achieved its results "in full."

Russia routinely conducts test launches of many of its missiles. However, the fact that they declined to name the type of missile that was tested on this occasion has spurred a lot of speculation and fears that the country could be poised to escalate the Ukraine conflict and potentially lead to a third world war.

Russian military commentator Colonel Viktor Baranets wrote that the missile was reported to have "waltzed" in the sky and left behind unique smoke trails. He said that many experts think it is a new mobile rendition of Russia's Yars ICBM and that "all NATO intelligence services are on their toes" after the test. If so, it would mark a significant advancement over their existing Yars, which must be loaded into a silo so they can be launched. This makes them attractive targets for enemies.

He also noted that Russia's enemies could have a hard time detecting the weapon and that missile detection systems could struggle to understand its flight logic and predict its trajectory.

The tests come at a time when Russia's relationship with NATO is becoming increasingly contentious and Russia is gaining more of an edge in Ukraine as the West starts to reduce its military support for Kiev.