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No Climate Emergency? No, Most Climate Change Appears to Be Solar Related!

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Only "Part I: The Past" is up right now but it's full of great stuff and I look foward to Parts II and III, as I'm sure readers will as well. Here is condensed version of the current post:

There are many natural causes that change the climate, and what we need to know is whether the Sun is one of the main ones.

To find out, we don't need to care what the IPCC and NASA think, we need to ask the climate itself. It doesn't matter how small the changes in the Sun are if it turns out that the climate responds strongly to them by causing big changes.

And the best way to find out is to look at what has happened to the climate over the last 11,000 years, the interglacial period we call the Holocene. The advantage of doing this is that the Holocene climate changes could not have been caused by changes in CO?. They must have been caused by something else.