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WATCH: Brave School Girl Reveals In Graphic Detail How Trans Student Savagely Assaulted...

• By Cullen Linebarger

A brave school girl in Pennsylvania unleashed on cowardly school officials while revealing in graphic detail how they allowed a transgender (Bio-Male) student savagely beat her friend to the point of hospitalization while woke school officials did nothing to stop it.

As Reduxx reported, the brutal assault took place at Pennbrook Middle School in North Wales, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, when the 13-year-old trans student going by "Melanie" blindsided her 12-year-old female victim in the school cafeteria using a Stanley cup. He smacked several times on the head, creating an open wound and causing her to bleed.

The 7th-grade girl had to be hospitalized and receive staples to close the cuts in her head before undergoing concussion protocol according to the Daily Mail.

During a school board meeting on Thursday, School Superintendent Todd Bauer called the horrifying attack "deeply disturbing' in a statement. But a young friend of the victim's was not having his nonsense.

The unidentified girl revealed she and others warned several teachers on Wednesday morning the assault was going to occur at lunch that day. She also noted she was second on the trans student's hit list.

The school counselor dismissed her, telling her nothing would happen. The girl received word she would not be seeing "Melanie" for the remainder of the day.

But this was a lie. The girl revealed she was at lunch when she heard screaming and "everyone running" in panic.