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Tennessee Republicans Pass Law Allowing Teachers To Be Armed - Democrats Cry "Fascism"

•, by Tyler Durden

The bill is all but guaranteed to become law within weeks, as Gov. Bill Lee can either sign it or allow it to become law without his signature. Lee has never vetoed a bill.

The law requires criminal and mental health background checks of prospective teachers along with training courses and approval from school administrators.  Democrats railed against the bill, suggesting that training courses are not enough and that it was "unfair" to burden teachers with the job of defending their classrooms from potential assailants.  This argument is strange because teachers are already burdened with the job of protecting students from harm (not to mention their own lives), they just haven't had the means to do that job until now. 

Democrats also stated that armed teachers would "lead to tragedy," with expectations that merely having a gun in or near a school would inevitably cause a shooting with the teacher at fault.  Of course, if a teacher wanted to come to school armed to commit a crime, there's nothing stopping them anyway (except perhaps another armed teacher).

Angry protesters screamed "blood on your hands" when the bill was passed by the House as they attempted to disrupt proceedings.  Protesters were eventually cleared from the building by police.  Representative Justin Jones, a Democrat and activist politician who has been the subject of multiple expulsions from the House, tried to film the event with his cell phone while chanting along with protester and was removed.  Democrats accused Tennessee Republicans of "fascism."

And here we find the disconnect that anti-gun advocates don't grasp:  They seem to believe that the mere presence of a gun will automatically trigger violence, as if it has magical powers to attract and inspire evil.  In reality, the problem is evil people, not "evil" objects.  There's nothing stopping a bad person from acquiring and using a firearm for terrible purposes at any place of their choosing.  Gun free zones only prevent good people from carrying.