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"This Will Be the Sleeper Issue of 2024" -- THE DEMOCRAT ELECTION STEAL IS IN MOTION:

•, By Jim Hoft

The Democrat election steal machine is in motion.

While Republicans sleep Democrats are already maneuvering for another massive election steal in November 2024.

Either the Republican Party is completely worthless or is in on it. They can't possibly be this blind and ignorant.

Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote released a shocking video on Monday regarding a mysterious surge in Texas voter registrations since the beginning of 2024.

Texas added 1.8 million new registrations before the 2020 election.

Since 2020 Texas has added 1,783,547 names to the voter rolls. That's an 11 percent increase!

Democrat groups are also spending tens of millions on groups that claim they are "get out the vote" efforts, but are they really?

The Gateway Pundit broke the news last year on how one group, GBI strategies in Michigan, was caught dumping 8,000 to 10,000 ballot registrations into one county in Michigan.

The FBI later took over this investigation where it went to die over three years ago!

Catherine Engelbrecht fired a warning shot on Monday at Republican voters. Catherine suspects thousands of these registrations are Joe Biden's illegal aliens. Catherine says this will be "the sleeper issue of 2024."