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Want to Retire in an RV? 5 Reasons You'll Regret It

•, By Mike Wendland

Jennifer and I have been RVing nearly full-time for a dozen years now. During that time, we've learned some hard truths that didn't align with our original travel dreams.

We learned some of these truths firsthand, and while we've never regretted joining the RV lifestyle, we completely understand why many do. Especially those who decide to retire in an RV.

We're going to share the biggest regrets RVers have when they retire in an RV. This will explain why we RV only nearly full-time…

Disclaimer: Please do NOT let the following scare you off from your RV dreams! Just let the following inform you and help you to plan better! (Be sure to read all the way to the end, where we share two great resources that will help you not let fear get in the way!)

Regret #1: You Sold an Asset for a Liability

When people decide to retire in an RV, many of them choose to sell their home to buy their RV and fund their travels. Some people feel they need to do this in order to make their dreams come true. And, to be fair, some people can't afford it any other way.

However, this puts retirees in a precarious situation, especially if any of the following regrets rear their ugly heads. How, you ask?

Well, when you sell your house to buy an RV, you are selling an asset that appreciates (gains value) over time for a liability that decreases in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Buying a used RV mitigates the instant decrease in value, but it depreciates over time nonetheless.

Unless you have a strong retirement income and/or substantial savings, it can be very difficult to reverse this decision. It can be very difficult to sell an RV at a loss and buy a house in the current market.