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Congressman Michael McCaul Who Wrote The TikTok Ban Bill Invested $1.15 Million Into META...


– On March 3rd, he authored the TikTok Ban Bill – On March 22nd, he invested $150,000 in META – On the 26th, he invested another $150,000 – On the 28th, he invested another $150,000 So about three weeks after writing the TikTok Ban Bill, this man invested $450,000 in TikTok's competitor. Oh, and then what did he do once he saw his TikTok ban was gonna be included with all the Ukraine funding: – Well, on April 1st, he invested $350,000 more in META, followed by the fifth where he invested that again. Then about a week later, of course, he voted yes on the bill he wrote. So within the span of 40 days, this dude wrote the TikTok ban bill, proceeded to invest $450,000 in the competitor, and then invested another $700,000, taking his total investment and META at a $1.15 million. And then he voted yes. Now, obviously the word most people are using here is suspicious, but the word we should be using is criminal. This man wrote the f***** bill to ban TikTok, proceeded to invest more than a million dollars in its competitor, whose stock will skyrocket if TikTok actually gets banned, and then voted on the bill to ban it. Are you paying attention yet?" #TikTok #TikTokBan