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The world witnessed unprecedented power grabs and supply chains disruptions over the past couple of years. The almost perfect alignment between big government, big banks and corporations should be a serious cause for concern across the agricultural sector. These moves represent no less than the most serious threats to our freedom and survival as businesses, probably even as individuals. If you stand for resilience and biodiversity, bitcoin should be a natural fit. Bitcoin ultimately protects biodiversity.

Concentration of power and money had started long before the COVID hysteria took over the world. Corporatization of the agricultural sector has been my main concern long before the legalization hype started. We all knew, deep inside that the cannabis space had this potential of becoming the ugliest manifestation of big ag, big tobacco and big pharma, all at once. It's happening right before our very eyes and a lot of us feel helpless about this trend. While most in the industry have struggled to obtain the most basic financial services any legitimate business is entitled to, a parallel financial system emerged and is now representing a very serious alternative to the broken legacy system. Let's dissect a bit what our options are and how they support our dream vision for the cannabis industry, medicinal plants, but also for the entire agricultural sector.


We are familiar with the central bank-managed, credit-based scheme that creates money out of thin air, unfairly distributed across the economy, mainly towards insiders, while the pleb receives crumbs to survive on and pays interests to crony banksters. Consumers and businesses alike take ever more credit to get ahead and acquire the assets they need to prosper or sometimes, sadly, to simply satisfy advertising-induced cravings. Sustaining a capital intensive cultivation operation in these conditions is a real challenge. Add the regulatory burden and you've got a perfect recipe for family business destruction.