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Here's Why Weeds Are a Good Prep

•,by Rowan OMalley

You're running for your life with nothing but the clothes on your back. You could say that the manure has hit the rotating ventilator, and you're in the path of it. As you're running, you notice an edible plant. You stop only long enough to shove a few handfuls of it into your pockets.

Please note: If you cannot identify at least four common edible wild plants in your area, STOP reading this article right now. Find a good plant identification guide online focused on the area where you live. (This series is very popular because each book is region-specific.) Order the book. Read this great article on urban foraging from The OP, which could give you a start while you wait for your book to arrive.

Are you getting me here? Plants could save your life.

Why weeds?

If the apocalypse comes and you have the resources to plant a garden, that will be great. But will you have the resources to DEFEND your garden? And what about if the apocalypse happens rather inconveniently, and you're forced to be on the run and can't keep a garden? Or what if your seeds are stolen at gunpoint? Or your entire harvest is stolen?

(My goodness, that would be quite a plan, wouldn't it? Allow your neighbors to grow a great garden for you, and then grab it all at harvest time. If you don't think stuff like that could happen, I recommend you read a few of Selco's articles.)

Another huge apocalyptic factor would be whether the time and energy would even be available to keep a garden at all. You don't want to be out weeding if you can be picked off by a shooter in that nearby stand of trees…do you? By this point, you might be sayin' "Get to the point, you freakin' eejit!" Well, say away.

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