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The MIC Needs TikTok as Part of the Captive Media

•, by Thomas R. Eddlem

DailyWire co-founder Jeremy Boreing seems to have been unwittingly channeling Will Grigg's satire of Hannity, tweeting on April 20: "People who deny the moon landing or suggest America is evil for its use of atomic weapons against Imperial Japan or who say that George Bush was behind 9/11 actually hate this country."

Boreing's remark was directed at Tucker Carlson, who had dared to say in an interview with Joe Rogan that incinerating 150,000 civilians with nuclear weapons is evil. 

How dare Tucker Carlson utter a blood libel against the origin story of the American empire? All that matters is that you are on Team America, right or wrong. And America is always right, no matter how many hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians it has to kill. And by America, that means Israel too. And Ukraine. And probably Taiwan, if we can provoke China into doing something other than selling us low-priced stuff.

It's no wonder Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens were thrown out of the Conservative, Inc. cathedral and are so thoroughly hated by the official Captive Media. Carlson's two interviews with Javier Milei and Donald Trump generated more than 700 million views on Twitter/X alone, more than the combined audiences of CNN, Fox and MSNBC throughout their 24-hour cycle for an entire month. More importantly, once you hear either Carlson or Owens for any length of time, you can no longer take the coiffed Captive Media script seriously.

One place where they still pretend to take the script seriously was the White House correspondents' dinner a week ago. There, the stenographers of the empire broke brie with the official spokesliars of Washington's executive branch they call "press secretaries." The dinner is necessary so they can engage in such brave journalistic feats of strength as lamenting the imprisonment of their brethren abroad by all the current official enemies of the regime that are Hitler's Russia and Hitler's Syria and Hitler's Gaza, under the doting smile of Joe Biden. You don't have to tell them, they know they're … just … so … courageous.

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