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Biden Boosts Student Dem Leader Warning Of "Dictator Trump" On PBS

•, by Tyler Durden

Days after OnlyFans & TikTok star Farha Khalidi revealed the Biden administration paid her to push "full-on political propaganda" while asking her not to disclose that she was part of a covert propaganda strategy, the Biden-Harris campaign reposted on X a video of Gen-Zers regurgitating Democrat talking points, such as 'Trump is a threat to Democracy.' 

The PBS News Hour roundtable discussion with Michigan students appeared loaded and staged. The left-wing media outlet tried to create the vibe that Gen-Zers are voting for President Biden in November because they're afraid of losing Democracy if former President Trump is reelected.

This is yet another example of Democrats brainwashing the youth into believing the biggest threat to America right now is the reelection of Trump. Under Biden, in just a few short years, the administration facilitated the greatest illegal alien invasion this nation has ever seen, now risking a major national security threat as unvetted migrants roam the nation, causing crime and chaos. Then there's horrendous foreign policy in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, which risks pushing the world closer to World War III. Yet these kids, infected with the woke mind virus, are having trouble seeing reality. 

Biden-Harris campaign reposted the video on X, saying, "Gen Z voter: The biggest issue for me is Democracy. We saw January 6. Now Trump is admitting he'll be a dictator on day one. That's not just rhetoric, that's an admission."