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Mass Arrests In NYC As More Than 1,000 Pro-Palestine Protesters March To Met Gala

•, by Tyler Durden

As protesters marched down 5th Avenue towards the event, blocking traffic, cops stepped in at the East 79th Street Transverse at Central Park and started the arrests, the NY Post reports.

NOW: Pro-Palestine protesters sprint towards Park Avenue to rejoin the march, which has been circling around the Met

Earlier tonight the march became separated into 3 segments but the 3 segments have now rejoined

— katie smith (@probablyreadit) May 6, 2024

 "This is an exercise in futility at this point. There's nowhere for them to go," one cop attempting to control the crowd was heard telling his partner, according to the report.

The protesters then filed out of the park and were within sight of the Met, but dozens of police formed a blockade — standing two cops deep — preventing them from heading north.

"Is that the Met?" one protester asked a friend. "Oh no, we were so close."

The group tried to reach the museum again by turning down East 81st Street but was again stopped by more police barricades at the intersection with Madison Avenue. -NY Post

Multiple arrests of pro-Palestine protesters near the Met Gala, where protests at NYU and Hunter College converged.