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Feeding The Enemy Instead of Feeding The Soul: You Are Being Played

• Corey's Digs

Though I've remained rather quiet as of late, I've still been making observations. While I focus my energy on internal work and new information I would like to share in upcoming pieces, I can't help but feel compelled to point out some of the observations I've made. Some may seem insignificant and small in scale but they pack a punch, while others are larger campaigns that are rifling their way through some of the most critical thinkers out there. Social media has become a war zone and remains an entirely different battlefield altogether. What I'm seeing transpire, primarily on social media, is a loop – a constant feeding to the enemy while people neglect their soul.

Goal #1: Programming

Mind conditioning and programming have always been the game. I could write an entire report just on the letter "X" and how it's been used to condition minds. Instead, I'm just going to share a couple that have been on my mind. One took place back in 2018. Remember when the red X went viral on Twitter? Everyone was saying, "put a red X next to your screen name if you have been shadow banned and censored to show everyone we are united against this." I saw thousands of people quickly add a red X next to their name, and I warned that it was a ploy. At the time I wasn't sure what it was all about, as it could have been an attempt to build a list of people against the narrative, and it likely had a multifaceted approach. I just knew that following along would not be wise. I now believe that one of the goals was to get everyone to place the X for purposes of conditioning their minds to believe "X" is a good, powerful, united symbol. Five years later, Twitter became X. This may seem silly and insignificant, but when multiple campaigns are running simultaneously to program individuals, every little seed planted adds branches in the brain and forms beliefs. Then, when evidence is brought forth showing the trap, the brain refuses to accept it, and instead is stuck in the "united" belief system, and hero worship ensues. In this case, people believe Elon Musk is their champion.

Another fine example of preprogramming, which also so happens to include "X," is Madonna's May, 2019 televised performance of everything burning to the ground while singing her song "Future" from the album "Madame X." I brought attention to this back then because the entire display was an obvious preprogramming to reach millions. The seeds planted included Madonna's X eye patch, X across her front, an upside down cross on one side of her outfit with a serpent on the other, a devil's head backdrop, New York burning to the ground, and gas masks, followed by couples walking up stairs arm in arm with the last couple having small flags pinned on their backs from Israel and Palestine, concluding the show with the words "Wake Up" plastered behind Madonna. Of course, the chorus to the song is about how "not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone that's here is gonna last." We have since seen all of these events unfold.