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Vermont Expands Program to Help Non-Whites Become Homeowners With $25,000...


Vermont has expanded a program to help non-white renters become homeowners with $25,000 "forgivable" down payment loans.

In other words, borrowers are essentially off the hook to pay back the loan.

The program only applies to "BIPOC" people, meaning black, indigenous, and people of color seeking a permanent home through the Champlain Housing Trust.

The Champlain Housing Trust will use a $500,000 federal grant to help 40 Vermont families get into affordable homes. 

"BIPOC" South Burlington resident Marnie Avila claimed the program has allowed her to buy a home that otherwise would have been impossible to afford.

"Buying a house in the U.S. is super stressful and also very challenging and financially it was just impossible for us. So they did provide a lot of financial support," she told WCAX-TV Channel 3 News.

"This is our American Dream," she added.

But if you're white and struggling to buy a home in Vermont, you're simply out of luck.

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