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"Attorney-Client Privilege Out the Door with This Guy" – Scumbag Michael Cohen Plays Secre

•, By Jim Hoft

President Trump is back in court today in front of a New York City jury in the ongoing lawfare case where the prosecution has still not defined the criminal act that President Trump allegedly took part in.

This is the latest lawfare suit against President Trump that was completely derived by Democrats and the Biden regime to interfere with the 2024 election.

President Trump is currently leading in the polls in every battleground state except Wisconsin. Trump is ahead in Arizona and Georgia by 10 and 7 points.

Trump's former attorney and close confidante Michael Cohen is testifying today at the show trial.

Cohen has already served time in prison in another Trump prosecution by the Democrats and deep state.

Today in court Cohen played audio of a secret recording he took between himself and his client Donald Trump. Attorney-Client privilege is a right for every American except Donald Trump.

FOX News reported.

Harris Faulkner: Remember, I told you, client attorney privilege out the window with this guy. They just played that recording, according to our team inside the courtroom. It's remarkable. This is from one of our, one of our producers saying it's remarkable that a lawyer would tape his client and then take it to a magazine publisher to, according to Cohen, prove Trump would pay him and ensure his loyalty. Seems like an obvious violation of the rules of professional responsibility, attorney client privilege, et cetera. Matt Whitaker, so they're going to hear these tapes. What do you make of it?

Former Attorney General Matthew Whitaker: Well, I mean, obviously, I agree with everything you just said about the attorney client privilege and what Michael Cohen would do. But remember, you know, he has to, he's talked a lot about this case. He's talked a lot about the facts of this case. He's done interviews, to your point, with magazines. He went in front of Congress and lied, got convicted. There's so many times he's told this story. And now the prosecution really, I think, is expecting him to say more than he's ever said. And I think that's very dangerous because a jury, it'll fall right into the hands of, are you lying then or are you lying now? And I just don't think he's going to be credible once they get done with him. But, you know, this is distracting us from so many other important issues like the insecure border that the FBI director has said has caused the most dangerous threat environment since 911. It's just really despicable.