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Pandemic X, Nanoparticles of Destruction & More With Celeste Solum

•, By Maryam Henein

She is also a FEMA whistleblower whom I first came across in 2020. I've wanted to interview for the past four and a half years.

Her strategic career path has taken her into the medical-industrial complex, government/military—specifically, emergency Management, FEMA, and DHS—during a pivotal transformation to our country's structure and founding principles. Every week, Celeste reviews 150 scientific journals across the entire spectrum of scientific disciplines, each with 50 peer-reviewed studies, to bring groundbreaking news.

She also keeps her hands in the dirt to raise her own organic food. Why? Because Celeste can discern and understand the difference between original and fake synthetic designs in these dark days of deception. Celeste researches from a biblical and scientific perspective, understanding that all problems and solutions can be found in the Bible when one digs deep enough. Her area of specialization covers a range of topics, including spirituality, current events, government, military, and medicine.

Solum is currently working on a new book, Widow's Mite, about overcoming losses in our lives. She also has a new book, The Beast Emerges From The Sea of Nations With Blasphemy, that looks at the Original Design and compares it with the evils of Synthetic Biology and its mechanisms.

We will explore the dark backstory of Pandemic X and the coming hemorrhagic frequency pandemic, as well as how nanoparticles are changing our lives.