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Deciphering King Charles' Baphomet Portrait

•, Bowne Report

And the royal family has been eerily quiet. Suddenly King Charles the third, self proclaimed descendant of Vlad the Impaler, appears to unveil a painting by pornographic portrait artist Jonathan Yeo at his Royal Satanic Majesties request.

The portrait bathing in the color of red, the symbol of power. With a symbolic butterfly perhaps nodding to the deeply occultic world that King Charles' has not only finally attained the throne. But has undergone complete transformation from a former close friend of Satanic ritual abuse monster Jimmy Saville into a fully programmed vessel to be wielded. Wielded by what you may ask? That is revealed by mirroring the painting as an image of Baphomet reveals itself.

The symbolism isn't lost on the King's coven of the Order of the Garter. Or King Charles fellow New World Order accomplices. Or the artwork of the Satanic elite. As strange things are afoot within the United Kingdom. Seemingly heralding a larger awareness of the coming of a global Satanic effort to release what is known by some as the Black Awakening.