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Goldbugs Waited Years For A Massive Comex Short Squeeze, And Finally Got It...

•, by Tyler Durden

For much of the past decade, gold bugs religiously tracked the physical gold inventory located in the various gold vaults that make up the Comex system, eagerly awaiting the day when there would be more deliverables (via paper shorting of gold) than physical in storage, sparking a historic, Volkswagen-like short squeeze. Well, the day of a historic Comex short squeeze finally arrived... only it wasn't in gold but in the far less precious metal that is copper.

It all started one month ago, when we reported that in an attempt to enforce sanctions against Russia that actually worked (as opposed to the joke that is the western "oil embargo" now openly breached by absolutely everyone), the "US, UK Banned Deliveries Of Russian Copper, Nickel And Aluminum To Western Metals Exchanges." There, in our conclusion, we wrote that "history has taught us that the market will price in some "full-sanction" risk premium which when combined with the current macro bid (reflation narrative, electrification, "copper is the first AI commodity" etc.) means we expect a complex wide rally." Little did we know how truly historic said rally would be just one month later.

As anyone who has been following the recent moves in the price of copper - which is hitting daily record highs - knows by now, a massive dislocation between the prices for copper traded in New York and other commodity exchanges has rocked the global market for the metal and prompted a frantic dash for supplies to ship to the US.