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People No Longer Buy The Lies

•,by James Howard Kunstler

The miasma of anxiety befogging so many brains in our troubled land begins to lift as every narrative served up by the US fascist intel blob goes annoyingly stale and impotent.

The worst media meme - that a vicious officialdom is "defending our democracy" - gets laughed out of the room now when repeated incessantly by such regime shills as Jen Psaki and Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC.

Everybody understands they want to "defend our democracy" by canceling your freedom of speech, suing you into bankruptcy, and stealing whatever remains of your stuff.

It's become so obvious by now that you'd have to be blind or a member of the mainstream media not to see it. Maybe both. Classical liberals like Alan Dershowitz — hardly a Trump fan — see it. That's because they're honest.

People No Longer Buy the Lies

Likewise, everything else, namely: that our doings in Ukraine are a "fight for freedom," that "white supremacy" lurks just out of sight getting ready to pounce on the "marginalized" (who are actually running things, and doing it very badly), that "Joe Biden" turned around the economy, that "voting rights" equals non-citizens getting to vote, that election fraud is a "big lie" (and that the J-6 riot over it was an "insurrection"), and that the Covid vaccines were "safe and effective."

None of these dishonest persuasions work anymore, and all of the persuasion machinery stands in plain sight like so many nauseating carnival rides. One by one, the rides are flying apart, scattering debris and body parts of the poor slobs who were on the rides all over the fairgrounds.

And so, the fear rises in the ones running the carnival. The county sheriff stands by looking to round up the sleazeball carnies with their missing teeth and needle tracks inside their elbows.

Before long, they will find themselves in the courtroom…

The vicious officialdom put up the carnival and all of its rides to distract the public from the crimes they committed during and after the 2016 election. Donald Trump's idle talk about putting Hillary Clinton in jail struck nerves throughout the federal bureaucracy, the halls of Congress, and the strongholds of the Clintons and the Obamas.