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The Gov't Cartel paid billions to Walgreens and CVS not to fill Ivermectin - the question is why

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Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who pushed the government's deadly COVID-19 narrative and shamed the unvaccinated,1 admitted he is taking Ivermectin for Long COVID – a condition affecting 17 million Americans2 which many believe could be caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Defending his use of Ivermectin, Cuomo – showing no remorse – stated, "Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?"3

Cuomo's admission comes too late for the millions of Americans who could have benefited from Ivermectin as part of a treatment protocol for COVID-19.4 While Cuomo now admits the government got it dead wrong, he seems less willing to admit the part he played in perpetuating the government's lies in what has become the biggest story of our lifetimes: In cartel-like fashion, the U.S. government bribed private entities to push experimental genetic injections knowing the shots caused serious injuries and even death, while blocking promising but unprofitable repurposed medications with high safety profiles that could have saved lives.

Americans Were Purposely Given "Bad" Information 

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