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5 Best Survival Radios for Emergencies

•, By Mike Wendland

Did you know that the federal government recommends having an emergency radio in your emergency kit?

That's because they offer a way to keep in touch with what is happening around us. It can alert you to severe weather alerts, listen to air traffic, and even monitor ham radio conversations.   

An emergency radio is extremely useful since it stays running even when another electronic device does not. Whether dealing with extreme weather or another unforeseen event, your radio will keep you connected to the outside world.  

I have narrowed down several of the best emergency radios that run on batteries, solar energy, and ones charged by a hand crank.

5 Best Survival Radios for Emergencies

Here are my top five picks for the best survival radios for emergencies.

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The lightweight, ergonomic Midland ER210 radio is first on my list for best survival radio. It includes a 2,200mAh battery, which offers 25 hours of continuous use. When it needs to be charged again, you can choose between using the hand crank or charging the solar panel.

Never miss out on weather alerts or emergency updates with this lightweight, ergonomic radio. The Midland ER210 receives standard AM/FM signals, along with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) weather bands. 

It also offers an auto-scan option that will locate the best weather signal for your specific location. This is the unit Jennifer and I have. Since we bought ours, a model 310 has come out (see #5 below) with some beefier specs. I put this as #1 because, if you can still find it, it is the best bargain. 

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