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A Neurosurgeon's View on Harrison Butker and Those Trying to Cancel Him

•, Richard Menger

I write scientific spine papers and health policy works. Again, I feel called to step out of that lane as the cancel culture religious cult is rising again.

NFL kicker Harrison Butker, a traditionalist Catholic, recently gave an invited commencement address at a traditionalist Catholic private liberal arts college where he expressed traditional Catholic viewpoints. This includes views on the current state of the Catholic Church, Covid-19, President Biden, abortion, homosexuality, birth control, and gender roles.

The media is crafting a narrative that fits their ideology to cancel him. It's as if, somehow, his religion matters in regard to his ability and right to kick a football.

I stumbled upon this organically. Previously, I had only heard of Butker, again, for his ability to kick the ball through goalposts during football games. I was absorbing my typical news content, and the headlines were brutal.

Either Butker or his speech were labeled as "sexist," "dehumanizing," "misogynist," "completely outrageous," "demeaning," "antisemitic," and "homophobic." I am probably leaving off some intersectionality, but you get the gist.

I didn't think all of that could possibly be true. So, I did something unique for most of us in 2024: I watched the original content so that I could make up my own mind.

My distinct conclusion is that the cancel cult either hasn't seen the video or they are being completely intellectually dishonest.

It's a typical play from the cancel culture playbook.

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