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Wife Of J6 Hostage Reveals Exactly How The Government Stalks, Harrasses And Intimidates

• The Gateway Pundit

GUEST POST: Condemned USA reporter Jenn Baker

As US Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to arrest Americans at the rate of one per day for attending the January 6th rally, more families are being torn apart, and in some cases, destroyed.

There are defendants who are about to or have already lost their homes.

Many have seen divorce or abandonment by friends and family. Some have missed the birth of their child, the death of a parent or loved one, graduations, weddings and many other milestones.

While many men and women sit in jails and prisons around the country, our weaponized government continues to wreak havoc on their families and even their friends. As The Gateway Pundit has reported, J6 defendant AJ Fischer learned while traveling that the government placed him and his family on a terrorist watchlist.

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