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Artificial Intelligence: The consumer is the prey


However, some experts, like Catherine Austin Fitts, have raised concerns about the potential consequences of this revolution. But how many of us understand what artificial intelligence ("AI") actually is?

In December 2023, investigative journalist Whitney Webb joined Austin Fitts to discuss her view that the "AI Revolution" is the final coup d'état.  Below is a clip from the interview where Austin Fitts and Webb discuss what AI is and how it will be used.  The full interview is only available to The Solari Report subscribers.

In short, AI is part of the technology package that delivers control to the mob.

"I call it the final coup because of the big push to put AI in charge of governments sooner rather than later," Webb said.

"There are going to be two classes of people: people that run and programme and tweak the AI; and, the people that AI acts upon," she explained.

The people that AI acts upon translate to you and me.

"Looking at the people that AI acts upon," Austin Fitts said, "it's basically an extraction tool – extracting data, extracting value [and] it's using that information to take more out of the FEE flow, the financial extraction exchange."

Financial extraction refers to the process by which wealth is taken out of the real economy and concentrated in the hands of a few powerful individuals or entities.

"It's basically making one portion wealthier while it's destroying the wealth of the others," Austin Fitts explained.

"It's important to understand that Big Tech did not grow up around the consumer," Austin Fitts said, "[Big Tech's] customer was the intelligence agencies and the military … [Big Tech] are being paid to build a surveillance and control machinery and money is no object.  It doesn't have to be economically relevant to the consumer because the consumer is not really the consumer, the consumer is the prey."