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The Brink of Dissolution: Neurosis in the West as the Levee Breaks

•, By Alastair Crooke

It is doing so by dint of its crude opposition to parturition. The more the western élites push against the birthing – through 'saving Zionism'; 'saving European Ukraine' and by crushing dissent – perversely they accelerate the foundering of Leviathan.

President Xi's double farewell hug for President Putin following their 16-17 May summit nonetheless sealed the birth – even the New York Times, with customary self-absorption, termed the warm embrace by Xi as 'defiance of the West'.

The root of the coming dissolution stems precisely from the shortcoming that the NY Times headline encapsulates in its disdainful labelling of the seismic shift as base anti-westernism.

It reflects the myopia of not wanting to see or hear that which stands so plainly in clear sight before one: If it were simply "anti-West" – nothing more than negation of negation – then the criticism would have some justification. Yet, it is not mere antithesis.

Rather, the near 8,000-word joint China-Russia statement evokes the very elemental laws of nature itself in sketching the West's usurpation of the fundamental principles of humanity, reality, and order – a critique which maddens the collective West.

David Brooks, the U.S. author who coined the term BoBos (Bohemian Bourgeoisie i.e. the metro-élites) to chart the rise of wokeism, now asserts that 'liberalism' (whatever that means today) "is ailing" and in retreat. The classic 'liberal' zeitgeist lay upon a foundation of commitments and moral obligations that precede choice – our obligations to our families, to our communities and nations, to our ancestors and descendants, to God or some set of transcendent truths.