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The Danger Is Not China But the 'Fake China Threat'

•, by John V. Walsh

But Joseph Solis-Mullen, the author of The Fake China Threat And Its Very Real Danger, is neither socialist nor Sinophile.

Solis-Mullen is a libertarian in the mold of Randolph Bourne and Justin Raimondo. Hence, he is classified as a conservative in our impoverished political taxonomy. But his book is not written to appeal to people of any single political outlook. It is written with only one thing in mind, the interest of the American people and, dare I say, of humanity in general, China included. Hence it is of great utility for people across the political spectrum who sense that our people are being hoodwinked by fake China threats. It may answer your questions on China or those of your friends in ways understandable to the average American.

The Fake China Threat is Ubiquitous—and Dangerous

Solis-Mullens explains the purpose and scope of the fake China Threat as follows:

"On the one hand, (the fake China Threat) serves as a legitimating device, a new reason for continually climbing defense budgets…and for the continued meddling…in the affairs of other states…

"On the other hand, the fake China Threat serves as a convenient scapegoat for the end results of the bad policies that Washington has itself authored and for decades pursued. America deindustrialized? China' fault. Millions of Americans hooked on drugs? China's fault. The Saudis and Iranians don't want the Americans around anymore? China's fault. Et cetera."

"There is one element of truth to the fake China Threat, however; the existence of an independent China (or Russia) is a threat to Washington's accustomed ability to do more or less whatever it wants, wherever it wants. But the existence of an independent China is already a fact. Refusal on the part of Washington to accept it will cause more than theoretical problems, and therein lies the real danger." [Emphasis Added]

To remedy that "real danger" is the purpose of this book as the author explains in these words:

"So built up in the imagination of many Americans has been the threat China allegedly poses to them and their families, that the determined opponent of the fake China Threat must venture onto the tiresome grounds of so-called 'Great Power competition.' He must then make estimations of relative power that, as it happens, largely buttress the case against Washington doing anything other than seeking normal relations with Beijing…The purpose of this book is to put in one place and in concise form the arguments why the interests of the American people are not served by confrontation with China. The task is an urgent one."

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