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Furiosa Box Office Flop Signals The Death Of Feminist "Boss Babe" Films

• Zero Hedge

A decade in the movies is a lifetime in terms of popular culture.  Back in 2015 the future of American film and television still seemed bright with a host of box office winners every year making billions of dollars per production.  However, something sinister was bubbling under the surface in Hollywood.

Maybe it was two terms of Barack Obama and far-left politics that spurred the change, maybe it was a confluence of random coincidences, maybe it was the threat of a possible Donald Trump presidency or maybe the social engineers simply decided it was time, but from 2015 to 2016 everything changed in Tinsel Town.  The entertainment industry has always been overly progressive in nature (not to mention perpetually degenerate), but this new wave of "woke" collectivism was something entirely different.