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Donald Trump is a licensed gun owner - here's what will happen to his firearms...


Under New York state and federal law, convicted felons are banned from possessing any type of firearm, and the former president must have his weapons legally passed off to another person or surrendered to authorities by his July 11 sentencing, criminal defense attorney Peter Tilem said.

"There is no grace period," Tilem told The Post. "You are federally prohibited once you are convicted."

rump could potentially pack heat once again in New York by applying for a "certificate of relief from civil disabilities" as early as his sentencing, which would restore his ability to own and carry a gun, according to criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman.

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Comment by tittiger
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The real problem here is that American conservative / Patriots don't have a f****** clue is what to the God damn US Constitution says. The Second Amendment is the highest law in the land and it says shall not be f****** infringed. It would take a God damn Constitutional Amendment the f****** change this. Where is that God damn Constitutional Amendment that changes the Second Amendment and makes it illegal for felons don't firearms? The answer is there is no such f****** Constitutional Amendment and Americans are about as dumb as f****** Pawn scum.

Comment by tittiger
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It seems like the entirety of the American population is f****** brain dead because the God damn US Constitution is supreme and the Second Amendment says shall not be infringed. And until 1968 that meant anybody and everybody including convicted felons. The 1968 gun control act which people claim changes the Second Amendment is not a God damn Constitutional Amendment which would be required to do so.