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For aeons, life has fundamentally reorganised Earth. This process began roughly 2 billion years ago, when a tiny form of microbial algae, cyanobacteria, chanced on a way to live off sunlight and became so numerous that its toxic waste products caused a mass extinction. The survivors were forced to adapt to a gas that we now call 'oxygen'. Today, one species that descended from those survivors, Homo sapiens, may be causing another mass extinction by expropriating massive amounts of Earth's biological resources. In our short time on this planet, we have transformed plants, animals and vast tracts of habitable land. Our waste products have taken on a geological scale. Like tiny oxygen-producing microbes more than 2 billion years ago, life is once again fundamentally reorganising Earth.

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Anybody can guess about the age of the universe. Anybody can theorize any which way, and make all kinds of silly arguments for anything. But here are the facts. 1; The Bible is a record by those who saw what happened in the past. 2; Moses, who started the compilation that we know as the Bible, had such great power from God that he is remembered and honored today, after about 3,500 years. 3; Moses got much of his info from originals that were stored in the Egypt of his day; we don't have those originals; they have deteriorated with time, except that there may be hidden copies somewhere. 4; Listening to the oldest Bible, the Septuagint, along with the Hebrew historian, Flavius Josephus, we know that the time of 'creation' was about 7,500 years ago; Jews of the 1st century AD corrupted what has become the Masoretic Bible, our Bibles, to make it look like the Earth is only 6,000 years old, which doesn't make sense. There aren't any billions of years.