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Professor Michel Chossudovsky Explains the Normalization of Nuclear Weapons

• Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

There is now in the US a vast industry funded with $1.3 trillion developing "usable" nuclear weapons. All sorts of private contractors, scientific laboratories, the Pentagon are involved. In other words, the vast sum is widely spread resulting in a massive influential institutionalized interest that prevents nuclear disarmament.

Professor Chossudovsky points out that the politicians funding this doomsday exercise have no conception of the consequences of using nuclear weapons (some of which have been declared "peace weapons") and that there is neglect of the risks introduced by artificial intelligence.

It is frightening that 80 years ago when the US had a monopoly on nuclear weapons the US developed a war plan to commit genocide on the Soviet population using 200 nuclear bombs on 66 cities. This, the senseless and immoral destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and present day reckless provocations, such as attacks on Russia's early warning system and long range missiles for strikes deep into Russia given to Ukraine but operated by US/NATO, must make Russia expect the worst from the West.

The West has pushed Russia to the point where Putin has warned the West to back off or out come the nukes.

The worst crisis in human history is right now, and the Western peoples are unaware that every Western political leader with the exception of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is leading them to destruction.