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Dr. Anthony Fauci Grilled by ER Doctor In Congressional Hearing

•, By Neenah Payne

He was the highest paid federal employee – making more than US presidents. Dr. Fauci also served on the White House Coronavirus Task Force and was frequently interviewed on TV during the COVID era.

Dr. Fauci famously declared that anyone who criticized his COVID policies was criticizing science because "I represent science". Anyone who disagreed with the COVID policies was labeled a "conspiracy theorist" or "anti-vaxxer" and was accused of being selfish and "killing people". Doctors who were curing COVID patients with vitamin D, vitamin C, HCQ, Ivermectin, or budesonide risked losing their licenses.

However, during the Congressional hearing on June 4, Dr. Fauci admitted there was no scientific basis for many COVID policies – including wearing masks and social distancing which was used to justify the devastating lockdowns.

Dr. Rich McCormick is an Emergency Room physician who serves Georgia's 6th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. In confronting Dr. Fauci in Congress on June 4, Dr. McCormick explained that he was successfully treating thousands of COVID patients in the ER with leading-edge technology. However, he was taken off the internet and his medical license was threatened because he disagreed with bureaucrats.

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