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"It's Kinda Like a Joke": Illegals Take Selfies at Border Wall After Unlawfully Crossi


"[They're] coming in with no fear of deportation, no fear of removal," reported Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin.

Fox News cameras filmed in Jacumba, California, as a few illegal aliens who crossed with a larger group of hundreds took photos against the border wall.

"I watched them as they walked to this border wall right behind me and started posing for selfies and pictures in front of our border wall, as if it's a tourist attraction, or a great background for their Tiktok or Instagram photos," Melugin said.

"It's just remarkable to see that some of them just think it's like a joke."

The disconcerting footage comes as Joe Biden on Tuesday announced a border "crackdown" Executive Order he claims will secure the border by "barring" illegals who cross illegally from seeking asylum; however, it allows them to remain in the US if "they seek [asylum] after entering through established lawful processes."