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Never forget that your own government tried to murder you

•, by: Mike Adams

Each day that you wake up, never forget that your own government plotted to murder you with a theatrical "plandemic" that was engineered as a fear PSYOP to convince you to line up and take an experimental mRNA injection that programmed your body's cells to manufacture spike protein bioweapons with the intended purpose of ending your life.

If you ever trust a single thing that your government says, does or demands, you are suffering either from Stockholm Syndrome or severe brain damage, and if you continue to follow your government's advice on health and medicine, you will likely soon find yourself dead.

Depopulation is their goal, and vaccines are their weapons. Pandemics are the fear engine, and censorship is how they prevent people from coming to their senses and seeing right through the whole charade.

Watch my powerful interview with Andy Wakefield to get fully red-pilled on vaccines, autism and Big Pharma's ongoing crimes against humanity: