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No Arrests At Pro-Hamas Protest Outside White House Despite Evidence Of Felonies

•, By Shay Bottomley

In what was yet another demonstration outside the White House, Biden's most recent visitors were seen to be vandalizing statues in Lafayette Park. Attempts to clear out the rioters by law enforcement resulted in a rush when officers tried to keep the peace, who chanted "F*** the police" as they charged forwards.

Yet not a single arrest was made, even though defacing a federal monument alone is a felony.

It marks a stark contrast with the responses to the defacing of pride flags seen across America over the past few weeks. In St. Petersburg, FL, a manhunt was launched after a driver performed donuts over a rainbow flag in the early hours of the morning. On the other side of the country, three teenagers were arrested after leaving tire marks across a similar mural in Washington state.


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