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Trust the (Computer-Generated Gobbledygook) Science!

•, by Corbett

This is the mantra of the technocratic tyrants. The rallying cry of the Orwellian thought police. The injunction of the modern-day censors who would seek to rid the marketplace of ideas of any and all opposition.

If you're reading these words, you already know this. Or you should know this, given that the reason I was censored from ThemTube back in 2021 was because I dared to produce a podcast about the philosophy of science that sought to interrogate and dismantle the "Trust The Science!" injunction.

Let's cut to the chase: in this post-COVID era, anyone with their head screwed on straight knows that "Trust The Science!" is a stupid, baseless, self-refuting piece of nonsense that is wielded by authoritarians as a cudgel against political dissent.

But as stupid as the "Trust The Science" phrase is, it's about to get even stupider.

Why? Because a story emerged last month that completely undermines whatever misplaced faith the average propaganda-swallowing rube still harboured about the trustworthiness of "the" science and the supposedly self-correcting peer review process that "the" science is built on.

Strap in, folks. This story is bonkers. And it points to a future that's so horrifyingly dystopian that not even the "Trust The Science!" thugs will be able to defend it.